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Author Topic: Optimized AstroPulse_v505 5.06 r237 for Mac OSX (Intel) and FreeBSD x64 OS  (Read 14630 times)


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Optimized AstroPulse_v505 5.06 for OSX (Intel) x64 & x32 OS & FreeBSD x64 OS
Updated 2.10.09 w/ new Application_v505 5.06 & revision r237 available now at:
Lunatics AstroPulse for OSX (Intel) Public Downloads Area
† † † † † † † † † † †† † † †† or
Lunatics AstroPulse for Alternate Hardware Platforms Public Downloads Area

Hi Everyone,

SETI@Home AstroPulse optimized applications for Mac OSX (Intel) and FreeBSD (Intel/AMD) have been released.
This release offers significantly improved performance for computers running 64 and 32 bit versions of Mac OSX and 64 bit versions of FreeBSD.
Here are individual links for all the initial release builds:

Mac OSX Science Apps:[/color][/b]

OSX 64 bit SSE3 Intel Compatible Science App:
Intended for Intel CPUs, running 64 bit OSX 10.5+ (Leopard and Snow Leopard) that have SSE3 capability.

1 - Mac OSX 10.5+ 64 bit AstroPulse_v505, v5.06 SSE3(r237) (Intel)

Mac OSX 10.4+ 32 bit SSE3 Intel Compatible Science App:
Intended for Intel CPUs, running 32 bit OSX 10.4+ (Tiger) that have SSE3 capability.

2 - Mac OSX 10.4+ 32 bit AstroPulse_v505, v5.06 SSE3(r237) (Intel)

FreeBSD 64 bit Science Apps:[/color][/b]

FreeBSD 64 bit SSE3 Intel Compatible Science App:
Intended for Intel CPUs, running 64 bit FreeBSD that have SSE3 capability.

1 - FreeBSD 64 bit AstroPulse_v505, v5.06 SSE3(r237) (Intel)

FreeBSD 64 bit SSE2 Intel & AMD Compatible Science App:
Intended for Intel and AMD CPUs, running 64 bit FreeBSD that have SSE2 capability.

1 - FreeBSD 64 bit AstroPulse_v505, v5.06 SSE2(r237) (Intel/AMD)

Build source is located HERE

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Note that correct install of these applications requires ADVANCED SKILLS.[/color][/b]

A customized app_info.xml file WILL need to be properly created and edited if you also run a version of the S@H multi beam application (see below "issues & warnings").  Done incorrectly, you may trash your work unit cache and or not be able to receive work.

There will be some known issues and warnings to be aware of:

- As mentioned above, You WILL need to edit or create an appropriate app_info.xml file if you run any combination of Astropulse and Multi-beam applications.
- Ensure Boinc & seti@Home applications are already properly functioning on your machine, read carefully the documentation readmes and installation instructions.
- Ensure you choose a build that your CPU/OS will support.  Ask for help If you need assistance determining this.
- FreeBSD users should know how to handle simple executables.  No installers are included.

Which version to choose for your Mac ?
Core Duo------------|---none-----|----32-----|----32-------|
Core2 Duo----------|---none-----|----32-----|-32-or-64--|

- OSX packages contain a simple installer script (adapted of original by Dotsch).  More complete installer packages are available by Arkayn HERE

Known issues:

- You canít start a AP wu with one of the OSX apps (e.g. 10.5+) and restart/continue with the other (e.g. 10.4+).  The intermediate files are NOT binary compatible.
- In OSX, when updating/switching to new executables, a message will appear that some permissions around BOINC are not correct and it wonít run or restart.  Re-installing BOINC with the same version fixes the issue and will not harm work or data.
- There is no support for CPUs below SSE2 capability
- Borderline OC'ers be aware that you may need to back off to maintain stability, the increased throughput of this application will stress all system components more. 
- As Always, use these apps AT YOUR OWN RISK.

And most Importantly of all:
Thanks to Urs Echternacht[/color] for updated source improvements and porting to FreeBSD and OSX, derived from original r112 by Crunch3r, Jason G & Raistmer.[/color]

Special thanks once again go to zvonas† [/b][/i] for motivating the FreeBSD builds, Arkayn and Gecko† [/b][/i] for OSX alpha testing & all the Lunatics members who performed final Beta testing, for their expertise, input & assistance.

To all of you we value your input and would like to hear from you at Lunatics'

The Lunatics Team
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