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it seems that this site has become popular among spammers, at least 4 different spam messages have been deleted already, most of them so quickly nobody even saw them (I hope, since it was minutes rather than hours from post to deletion/ban).

So anyway, should you see a spam message, please don't privmsg me about it, instead hit the "report to moderator" button because that gets my attention more quickly (it gets forwarded to my email account).

Chances are, it'll be gone soon if you do, although I cannot be the internet police ;)


Well would appear the someone either really LIKES you.....OR.....really HATES you.

Keep up the good work,

My EYES thank you!!

I love SPAM! SPAM and beans, SPAM and eggs, fried SPAM, SPAM and SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, and SPAM..... ;D

Fuzzy Hollynoodles:

The Grinch:
Spammer are modern Terrorist  ::)
Well, on our hardware-forum there will be sometimes this asses, mostly from russia.

take care simon


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