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Author Topic: SETI Problems  (Read 22963 times)

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Re: SETI Problems
« Reply #15 on: 20 May 2007, 01:23:08 pm »
Ni, er, yes, Sir Nutsalot,

that's what I did and it worked fine for me - having just the "515" entry corresponding to the currently used stock app version in app_info.xml.

So the procecure is - IF your app_info.xml file previously had any HIGHER version that 515 - either run your cache dry OR detach/reattach your host (I kept my host ID last time, so that works even better because all Ghost WUs get redistributed).

Then, remove app_info.xml, stop and start BOINC. Let it grab the stock app and a few WUs and start crunching the first WU (to make sure everything's there).

Final step: put in an edited app_info.xml file and corresponding optimized app. Stop and restart BOINC, verify it's crunching with the optimized app. Stop BOINC again, remove app_info.xml.

Lean back, have a coffee. You'll need it after all that ;)

ALTERNATIVELY if you had any WUs left and if you previously had an app_info.xml file with versions only up to 5.15:
simply rename or remove app_info.xml, stop and re-start BOINC. You're done.



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Re: SETI Problems
« Reply #16 on: 20 May 2007, 01:55:19 pm »

Tried it and all is fine if you follow the intructions and understand the caveats.

Thanks for posting the link to the other thread. This is a better workaround for me noting that i currently don't participate in the SETI Beta programe yet.

Thanks Nutsalot.

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Re: SETI Problems
« Reply #17 on: 20 May 2007, 03:17:58 pm »
Ni, er, yes, Sir Nutsalot,

that's what I did and it worked fine for me - having just the "515" entry corresponding to the currently used stock app version in app_info.xml.

But there's no need to trim out the other <app_version> entries. Once you remove the app_info.xml file the Scheduler will tell the BOINC core client which version to use, and so long as 515 is available there's no problem. The others will have no effect other than making the client_state.xml file marginally larger.

Edit: The conflict with running Beta is also gone when not using app_info.xml for the same reason; the Scheduler tells the core client which version to run.[/edit]

The real issue with running with no app_info.xml is only that if the server problems or other factors run the queue dry at some point there's a possibility that the stock app will be automatically downloaded. I had a case yesterday where the last few WUs were all noisy, so when that host contacted the Scheduler it was reporting those as well as asking for new work. The contact succeeded so the reporting was complete, but the feeder problem and/or real work shortage caused a "No work" reply. The subsequent request which got new WUs also downloaded the stock app with which to crunch them. Because I'm on dial-up and always watching when I allow BOINC to connect, it was simple to switch back to 2.2B after the downloads completed and then off app_info.xml again. For someone with an always-on connection it could be confusing, I'm not sure what's the best way of keeping track.
« Last Edit: 20 May 2007, 03:21:58 pm by Josef W. Segur »


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Re: SETI Problems
« Reply #18 on: 21 May 2007, 03:18:49 am »
Well, I think the last vesitges of Setiability just went into the tank 'till morning.  Cricket has taken a dive, no respnse from the servers, and I doubt that anybody is there resetting things at midnight..
Wish I could just go to sleep and have this Seti nighmare over.


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Re: SETI Problems
« Reply #19 on: 21 May 2007, 10:01:36 am »

I did my own work-around which is slightly different to others...

I had run out of SETI work, but had about 7 ghost WUs.

I detached from SETI after first backing-up my statistics_setiathome.berkeley.edu file and the contents of the projects\setiathome.berkeley.edu folder.

I then re-attached to SETI which downloaded 4 WUs (DCF had reverted to 1). BOINC Manager also downloaded the stock science app. I suspended crunching before 1 minute had elapsed so no state file had been written.

I then exited BOINC Manager and copied the 3 files from the opp app to SETI folder. Re-started BOINC, set No new tasks, and started crunching optimized.

I also started, and suspended  after 1 minute, 3 other SETI tasks, and confirmed that \slots\ folders had the usual 6 files.

Then deleted app_info to the Recycle Bin (I think I stopped crunching first). I also edited client_state while BOINC was closed to make DCF 0.543210 which is a good figure for me. Enabled New Tasks and downloaded 5 more WUs. app_info is still in the Recycle Bin.

I have not tried this yet but suspect that making the optimized science app files read-only would prevent them being deleted if work runs out. If this works it would be a simpler work-around. Any thoughts? Keith


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