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Author Topic: Stop the madness - run for public office now! (this means you, U.S. citizens)  (Read 18625 times)

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Hi folks,

today I read yet another story on how big business is twisting the land of the free into the land of the freely exploitable human resources.

Seems the AG Mr. Gonzales has got it into his head that U.S. citizens should serve sentences up to life imprisonment for the simple act of sharing a piece of copyright-protected media.

Now, there's only one possible way out of this return to the middle ages, slavery and all:
Run for office yourself!

Don't let cold-blooded hatemongers rule your lives. Vote with your feet, or get voted for, either way: please make the next elections less of a joke than the last two.

How about a class action suit for fair voting mechanisms up to the Supreme Court, maybe even a direct vote for the president vs. the one by proxy from back when the country was founded?

Forgive my political fervor here, but back when I visited the states for a year in 91/92, it was quite a different country, and I'm not really very old. In my lifetime, it's changed from a place I dreamed of living in to a sad excuse for milking Joe Average to fatten the already overflowing wallets of the richest 1-3% of the populace.

No way can american citizens stand idly by while their freedom is freely sold to whoever bids the most.

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I couldn't agree more. Funny how he thinks you should serve life for that while up here in canada you only get maybe up to 10 years for murder. Unless your non white, then you get less.



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Content removed by site admin, thread locked.
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Quote from:
This call to change Presidential Election methods is a very sly and extremely dangerous ploy by those who want to CONSOLIDATE POWER behind the scenes.

I wasn't looking for propaganda, thank you - I should have been sly enough to lock the thread in the first place...done now. By the way, the above text was 100% fruit of my own mind - so no behind the scenes, no sly or dangerous nothing. No ulterior motive but the one I stated - stop the madness NOW.

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