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Author Topic: Validation problem with 64-bit SSE3 application  (Read 6162 times)

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Re: Validation problem with 64-bit SSE3 application
« Reply #1 on: 18 Apr 2007, 04:24:29 pm »
Hi Michael,

I checked out the result in question, and this is what the stderr said:

SETI@Home Informational message -9 result_overflow
NOTE: The number of results detected exceeds the storage space allocated.

Check out the other returned results for this WU:
They also show a -9 result overflow error.

So it wasn't a computational error, but rather a signal overflow (which is normal and should be ignored). Most noisy WUs reach this threshold very quickly, some take quite a bit of time. It seems that the optimized apps produce different result files than the stock app sometimes when they error out in this way; I'd put it down to Karma, or better yet, blame Misfit ;)


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Re: Validation problem with 64-bit SSE3 application
« Reply #2 on: 18 Apr 2007, 09:48:28 pm »

"Outcome   Validate error" means the validator couldn't find the result file when it was asked to. That's a server side problem, nothing to do with the application.

There's a thread on the Number Crunching forum for posting your results showing that problem, there's a slight possibility Eric Korpela may run a script to retry validation on such units.

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Re: Validation problem with 64-bit SSE3 application
« Reply #3 on: 19 Apr 2007, 04:25:28 am »
Huh... don't shock me like that again  :P

First time i read that validation error post it was like a dejavue ( is that correct speling ? hmmm ...)
The only thing that is "wrong" there is that it shows "xT" but that's just a cosmetic glitch.

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