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Author Topic: Windows Port of Alex Kan's v8.0  (Read 26821 times)


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Windows Port of Alex Kan's v8.0
« on: 30 Apr 2008, 02:23:28 pm »
Windows Port of Alex Kan's v8.0
Science App Release
Updated 7.17.08 w/ Win32 SSE

Hi Everyone,

A Windows port of Alex Kan's version 8 (nographics) SETI@Home optimised application has been released.

This release offers significantly improved performance for SSE capable (or Higher) PC's Running either 32 or 64 Bit versions of Windows.

Here is the individual link for the initial release build:.

Win32 SSE AMD Compatible Science App:
Intended for AMD CPUs, running 32 bit windows, limited to SSE capability.

2 - 2.4V_Windows_x32_SSE_FFTW

This is not a required update, and there will be some known issues and warnings to be aware of:
- Ensure you choose a build that your CPU/OS will support.  If you are unsure, you can DL CPU-Z 1.44 Utility to check.  Ask for help If you need assistance determining this.
- Ensure Boinc & seti@Home applications are already properly functioning on your machine, read carefully the documentation readmes and installation instructions.
Known issues:
- There is no graphics support at this time
- There is no support for CPUs below SSE capability
- Borderline OC'ers be aware that you may need to back off to maintain stability, the increased throughput of this application will stress all system components more. 
- As Always, OC and use these apps AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Please read the information for "Windows Port of Alex Kan's v8.0
Science App Release" also for more relevant details.

And most Importantly of all:
A very long list of people have helped with this build. Top of the list, of course, I'd like to thank Alex for, not only the excellent sources that form the basis for this build, but the critical help in tracking down some important issues early on, and the helpful suggestions and advice throughout this challenging port.

While myself (Jason G), Raistmer and JDWhale ported the code, the true Authors are Alex Kan in combination with the Legacy of development knowledge and history at  http://lunatics.kwsn.net . Fragments of knowledge and code from previous lunatics' authors including Simon, Joe, Ben Herndon, Crunch3r and other Contributors been used to make this work.   Indeed special thanks go to Joe Segur, whose experience and advice was ever present and helpful throughout, and to Crunch3r for inciting the port in the first place.

Extra thanks go to JDWhale for providing the SSE2 compatibility adjustments, which at this end took, all told (in no particular order):
          - 1/2 hour to integrate into the source tree,
          - 1 day to locate testers with old enough AMDs to verify that it works, and
          - 4 days to clean off the margaritas stains

Great thanks go also to the members of the prerelease test community, who have stuck through countless builds and proved invaluable in refinement. Along with mods & admin over at Lunatics ( Hi Gecko_R7 & KWSN - jonnyv !  ;D)

To all of you we value your input and would like to hear from you at Lunatics'

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