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BOINC Not Seeing GPU's With PCLinuxOS_64

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Terror Australis:
I have just installed PCLOS_64 RC5. When this is finally released it looks like it will be a very good distro.

However, BOINC does not recognise my GPU's. I get the message "No usable GPU's found".

I have the V302.17 Nvidia drivers installed, CUDA installed (both from the PLOS repo), there are no bugs in my xorg.conf file and Nvidia settings works properly and the GPU temps appear in gkrellm so I'm pretty sure all is ok there.
I have all the correct BOINC files installed and configured as they should be (I'm getting pretty good at this).  The permissions are correct ( I set them to "all" just to make sure). There are no hardware problems as the PCLOS installation is on hardware that had a working Mageia installation on it up until very recently and is untouched

When I start the program from a console there are no error messages.

I'm pretty sure this is a Distro problem, not a BOINC problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be broken and what I can do to fix it ?


1) What gpus are you trying to use?
2) What cuda version did you install? What "cuda" exactly did you install? You only need two files libcudart and libcufft. And they must be version 3.2
3) When you say "When I start the program from a console there are no error messages" which program did you start? boinc? seti?
4) Which boinc version did you use?

Terror Australis:
Hi Sunu
1) GTS250's
2) 302-17 The only one available from the repo (that is the PCLOS version number) and these are the CUDA/Open CL libraries for the V302.17 Driver
3) BOINC (of course).
4) 6.10.58

A note about Q2 I have found that you need to install the CUDA libraries separately  for CUDA to work on both Mandriva and Mageia systems. As PCLOS is also a Mandriva fork the same possibly applies. On all systems I've built, there is no CUDA unless these libraries are present even with libcudart and libcufft in the SAH project directory (which they are).

You may have a point about the CUDA version, when I installed the libraries it also upgraded the Nvidia driver version from 295 to 302.17. But the cards were not recognised before the update either. and are in the SAH folder and are pointed to in the app_info file.

To make sure I copied libcudart and libcufft from the SAH directory to the /usr/local/cuda/lib and lib64 directories and added them to my $LD_LIBRARY_PATH but the cards are still not recognised.


Get the relevant cuda libraries from There are 3 files for each libcudart and libcufft, 2 symbolic links and 1 "real" file.  In app_info.xml, and need to be referenced. To avoid any collision, it would be better to remove any cuda related packages from the repository. Do an ldd on the setiathome executable to see if it finds the libraries it needs.

I also never install any nvidia drivers from the repository. I get the drivers straight from nvidia and install them manually. You can also try that.

In your first post you said that you installed boinc and set the permissions correctly. How exactly did you install boinc? You should never have to tinker with any boinc related permissions. Get boinc from berkeley and install it manually in your home directory. Leave whatever permissions alone.

Terror Australis:
Some testing with a raw Mageia install shows that for CUDA to work under a Mandriva related system either the CUDA toolkit libraries or the Toolkit development files have to be installed. I'm not sure which ones as I loaded them both at the same time.

With Mandriva/Mageia you can't install the drivers using the Nvidia .run packages as they conflict with something inside the system and crash it. However there is a script available that converts the .run file into 5 RPM's which can be installed using urpmi. Obviously this effects PCLOS as it is Mandriva derived as well.

There is a possible version clash here. The CUDA libraries version from Mageia is labelled 3.2.16, as I posted above the PCLOS version is 302.17. Whether the numbering sequence is related or not I don't know.

FYI the sequence of the fresh install was as follows.
1) Clean Mageia install
2) Copied BOINC directory over from the PCLOS Install
3) Installed V295.59 drivers using the above mentioned script
4) Copied the xorg.conf file over from PCLOS.
5) Started BOINC - GPU's not found
6) Installed the V295.59 CUDA/ opencl libraries
7) Started BOINC - GPU's not found
8) Installed the CUDA toolkit and toolkit devel. libraries
9) Started BOINC, cards recognised and crunching.

This is the same method I used with the PCLOS install. The only difference is the version numbers of the Driver and Tool kit libraries. When I get some time I will roll the PCLOS drivers back to 295 and copy the toolkit files over from the Mageia install and see what happens. Likewise I'll do the same back the other way.

If you can think of any reason why the PCLOS install did not work I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for your help, it did provide some inspiration.



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