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Linux x64 Cuda Multibeam (x41g)


Jason G:
Linux x64 build of Cuda Multibeam x41g
Available now in the Multibeam for Linux Downloads section[/url], mirrored at Arkayn's Site

This build is directly from the X-branch, so changes from other prior Linux builds directly reflect current development efforts.  This is an ongoing effort to gradually bring Linux support into greater focus in 2012.

Baseline Cuda X-branch features include:
- Tightened Validation characteristic against CPU builds (accuracy)
- Rarer '-12' triplet related errors
- Fault tolerant behaviour
- 'V7-readiness'
- Linux build uses identical application code to the Windows build (Only differences are OS/Driver/Library related)

Please see the readme for full release notes. READ THEM before you install.

Use at your own risk - 'your mileage may vary'

Thanks go to Aaron Haviland for the port & polish going into X branch for Linux, and it should mean that Cuda build Linux support can continue to develop as further refinements are introduced into the main codebase.  Planned future upgrades currently include improvements to pulsefinding (VLAR behaviour) and removal of the prevalent remaining triplet related '-12' limitations.

Jason G

Extra note, to ALL users:
With gradually expanding Linux development, and experience gleaned from Windows development in recent years, User feedback has played a pivotal role in refinement in all areas.  Along those lines User suggestions (Thanks Sunu!) have prompted that Linux development will require 'opening up' Lunatics site some.  While there are immediate (technical) obstacles to doing so, the needs of both Linux developers & users are under detailed consideration at this time, along with planned modernisation of other platform information & support mechanisms.  For the time being, while these changes are under careful planning and implementation, if you have feedback or need help, & are not a registered user here, please create a thread on Seti@Home's Number Crunching forum.   Requests for registration here will continue to be considered on a case by case basis, and Development/PreRelease status offered only at the discretion of the developers in those areas.


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