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Author Topic: Last request.  (Read 15419 times)


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Last request.
« on: 04 Feb 2011, 06:53:33 pm »
Ya know, there's many men preceded me, and not so needy as could be...

There was not a one who gave a son like Setison....and none have needed
to here his call much since you know it all........Kitingo.

He bared his blast until the last
once more his mighty .44 was silenced by the mods and then..........
There were no more words from his simple pen...

He'd simply spoken his last words.....
Left up simple folk like simpple turds.
He turned on them, and when he did.......
Said......I'll do unto you like others did.

Now some would live to settle scores,,,,
Sometimes I would luv nothing more.
But killing off others is not a thing of mine.
I only want my thoughts to chime.

And if that is what you want to kill....

I have one other for to chill.....
There's not a thought I have posted yet
That some man elsewhere has beget.

So, kill my thoughs, and kill my posts..
You cut off that which supports you most.
And if you don't believe that's true.........
I poiht my .44 at you.

For, legends born can as easily die.
My die was cast, and so do I go, kittingo.
I shall not linger beyond my time.
my thought here seem to be worth a dime now....kittingo.

I've spoken words both proud and true....
Now I guess it's left to the mods and you...
To judge what kind of man I've been
to judge the word I left with my pen.....kittingo.

For now you must
rely on trust and take to mighty kitten's sword
to make of it what you can.
For nowhere, throughout the land,
can say they are the kittyman.
He lays now quiet, his ktty words have all gone silent.

They killed him, you see...
With their hypocrisy.
Ther told him he could not say and then.......
Some othter voiced tha same words again.

So, he died a silent lonely death....
No others sighed upon his chest.
For the wounds were only his to bear.
Nobody cared what  his last care.

The kitties now are his only children,
I pray Lori dear will care and feed them
Like her own.......

Poem is done.
And so his story was spread thougout the land.
A drunken man, but of a level hand.
If it was his to settle scores..........

No man alive would outlive the bore
 of Kiittingo.

There was a time, and it has past......
.44 guns buried , he shot his last.

The kitties, they were by his side,
When on that day....
Kittingo died.

No one was ther to hear his sighs,
nobody witness his last cries.
Just a lonely man, and kitties there.......
His last breath taken......
No one cared.

And on that day in Seitland,,,,,

Someone could have sworn they heard his hand.
lay heavily upon his side.......
The day that lonely kittyman died.



Whatever misspellings there are correct them.....
I can't any more.

If there are shrines to kitties, you'll have to erect them
I have gone off to another shore.


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Re: Last request.
« Reply #1 on: 15 Feb 2011, 01:24:22 pm »
I suppose I should not complain so much........lest I raeally have something to complaling about on the death bed.

It may come too soon.



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Re: Last request.
« Reply #2 on: 15 Feb 2011, 01:53:53 pm »
Then, there are few things that still make me smile.....

Like a good car chase......

I was invollved in a few in my youth.....

The ''69 Pontiac was one........finally spun 'er out facing a state squad car.

They tore me out though the window because they did not have me sense of humour at the time

Thei was back in about '72  Had losts of horsepower........about 800 last I dyno'd it.  That was a lot, even back then.
You read a lot these days about a factory Caddy having 520.......that might be true, but mine was verified.
Not too many ran big blocks with a supercharger setup back then.
Much less two side by side.  The belt situation was a real trick.  Still had to run the water pump.

Wanna race me now??????????

I could have outrun any of them, just ran out of road.


I helped then rod this llttle ass Pontiac.........ljust liesten if you don't believe me.
It came with a 4 rod.  It had an 8 in the race scenes.  Was not a simple job fitting it, but I was given the money to do it.
Lots of cutting and welding.  But look what I came up with.

Just listen.........meroppppppppppppr.

Can ya hear me now?


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Re: Last request.
« Reply #3 on: 15 Feb 2011, 02:34:24 pm »
The best one I ever built was a 501 something back in '72/

My best bud back in the time, he was MIA from the army, and iddn't give a sh#t.......

Said go for it, if you are that good.

I was, and he sh#t bricks the first time he had it on the road.

Cost him about 5,000, back in '72.  That was a lot of money back then, but it bought a lot of hardware,

Two supers......that was a trick, just getting the belts to work.

A couple of 600 CFM Holleys......no, they did not make them, I made them.

Told him I could not upgrade the oiling system.......he blew it up on the first ride.

Dumb ass.  Short spurts, I told him.    Did not listen, drove it ' tiill it blew smoke.

Was a wild ride though.

The LOL cops did not stand a chance.

Even though they tried.


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Re: Last request.
« Reply #4 on: 15 Feb 2011, 03:21:00 pm »
I never got into rocking the euros......

Just never had the time or inclination to figure out the specs and how to get more outta them.
Detroit had nothing on me.

But this bit wa always kinda amusing......

Couple or euros beating it out........beemer and a pidgeon.

Go figure.  The both run fast as snot..
Must have been tuning the ruel injection to the nines..........

By all  accounts I can find, the BMW should have walked the Renault to hades.

Don't know whey let this cinematci tavesty get by.

Granted, it was a low end BMW........but the end result should have ended in a victory.
Ronin chase.......
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Re: Last request.
« Reply #5 on: 15 Feb 2011, 03:39:40 pm »
I must go to sleep now.......

I will always love the b in the binner.
The couple of scnene with notheint but the eyes and the wind blowing her hair........too much.

Would marry her tomorrow.  Done deal.

Course, she wou.d have to let me drive the beemer.

I suspect I would take her even without the car..........sigh.

Sorry, Lori. 

You are my true love, but I can have fantasies too.

LOL.  I will always be yours.

Let me dream, babe, let me dream.

Love you honey.......it's been a long, long, time.

It does not ever end.  You will always be mine, and I yours.

Sealed in stone.  Like our love.



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Re: Last request.
« Reply #6 on: 15 Feb 2011, 04:33:42 pm »
None of you really understands me. do you.

My paddions, my faith, my love of Gpd/

Npthing about me.


I have poested about it for years.

No answers.

I have criied many tears........

No answers.

I have walked for many years.........

No answers

Guess that's always me destiny....
No answers.

Gluess tbat's where I'll have to be/
No answers.

I   supppses fprever I'll see

No anwers.


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