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What to do on 32 bit linux box?



For quite some time I am happy crunching with setiathome-CUDA-6.08.x86_64-pc-linux-gnu using 64 bit slackware.
Boinc is upgraded 6.10.58, works fine, and I am getting both GPU and CPU WUs. Old 260 and 275 cards.

For reasons out of seti scope, I run 32 bit Slackware on few PCs.
One i7 PC has  ATI Radeon HD 6850  card. Another i7 might get GTX 460 card.

After some browsing around, looks like setiathome will not work on those two cards for a while.

Those two cards are bored, and they do not do anthing but console.
Is there any other decent boinc project to keep them  busy?  CUDA/fermi and OpenCL/AMD on 32 bit linux?

73, BR

p.s. I know I should ask elsewhere, but I need to show some "activity" here: and I expect audience here to be most qualified to answer.

Collatz has both 32bit Cuda22 and ATI apps for Linux on their Power apps page:

Power (Optimized) Applications


Thanks for advice!

One of my PCs works fine with cuda and no X.

Funny: on X_less server (no X is running, no VGA attached), I modprobed fglrx.
Boinc can not find ATI card (libraries are all around, and ldconfig was run)
16-Jan-2011 18:01:39 [---] No usable GPUs found
Also, I got:
X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication
to the console when starting boinc.


Einstein has today released a 32bit Linux Cuda app:

BRP3 CUDA application 1.06 for Linux released



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