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Title: Lunatics Membership Policy Changes
Post by: Gecko_R7 on 30 May 2010, 02:10:12 pm
Lunatics is an independent, 3rd party site dedicated to active development and testing of optimized Seti@Home applications. 
Access to view public forum threads and public release applications is available to EVERYONE.  ;)
Membership IS NOT REQUIRED to access public areas.

Actual membership is by invitation and/or approval of board developers and moderators and contingent upon active participation[/color] to support other members, and the testing and feedback of development applications. 

Access to public beta testing applications requires Squire + member status.


Memberships with 0 posts will automatically expire 90 days  after joining.
Memberships with posts will automatically expire 180 days  after last post.

Memberships will remain intact as long as there is at least a minimum level of regular participation.

Individuals who wish to actively participate as members of Lunatics may PM at the S@H main board, ID = Gecko,  jason_gee, Josef W. Segur, Raistmer or Urs Echternacht.  Include a link to your Seti@home or Seti Beta host, a brief description of your testing rig, and general experience level/comfort with CPU / GPU testing and ability to work with custom app_info.xml and config. files.

Thank you for your continued support of Seti@Home and Lunatics!