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Title: SETI@home v8.12 Windows GPU applications support thread
Post by: Raistmer on 09 Jun 2016, 10:52:44 pm
Known issues:

-GUI lags/driver restarts on some GPU/driver combos:

To reduce/eliminate GUI lags while using v8.12 GPU applications try to add next parameters to applications's command line (there are few different ways to supply command line to app please consult with BOINC documentation and app's Readme ):
-sbs 256 -period_iterations_num 100

Increase value in -period_iterations_num option if needed.

- running together with GPU AstroPulse application and using -total_GPU_instances_num N process instances incorrectly bound to same instead of different CPUs in CPUlock mode.
For single vendor GPUs use older
-instances_per_device N
option for both apps.

For nVidia builds:
- -use_sleep leads to stop of processing with "SoG" 8.12 version
Please use this build instead if you need -use_sleep option:

There can be excessive CPU usage for some of tasks. If lower CPU usage desirable supply
option to command line.

Detailed descriptions of mentioned options can be found here (for brief description look application's ReadMe file):,1808.msg60931.html#msg60931