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Title: Windows Installer v0.44
Post by: Richard Haselgrove on 22 Jan 2016, 05:56:45 am
Updated Installers, v0.44 for Windows
Available now

Download files are available now in the main Lunatics download area.
Download mirrors will be available on Arkayn's site, Crunchers Anonymous ( and Mike's site Mike's World ( Make sure you choose the right file - 64-bit or 32-bit - to suit your system.

This is a REQUIRED UPDATE to support the new setiathome_v8 application.

Changes since last release (v0.43b) are:

Support for v8 tasks on all the usual hardware devices - AMD and Intel CPUs, and ATi/NVidia/Intel GPUs

Please note that we have been concentrating on accuracy and precision for this release: the applications may run slower than you are used to, because of the enhanced precision required by v8.
But you MUST use v8 applications to process v8 tasks.

The older v7 applications are still present in this installer, but ONLY to handle the cleanup of leftover tasks.

Please see this thread (,1790.msg60347/topicseen.html#60347) for full release notes. READ THEM before you install.

Use at your own risk - 'your mileage may vary'

While we take great care to find issues while alpha and beta testing, our testing systems comprise only a limited sample of what is out there and can't account for Murphy's Law.