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Title: Windows installer v0.41
Post by: William on 03 Jun 2013, 11:03:24 am
Update: new v0.42 installers available 11 August 2014 - see Windows Installer v0.42 (

Updated Installers, v0.41 for Windows
Available now

Due to temporary upload problems on the Lunatics website we are unfortunately unable to host this release ourselves at this time. We are working on it.
For the time being please download from the mirror on Arkayn's site, Crunchers Anonymous ( HERE (;dl=cat3)
Many thanks to Arkayn for getting us out of a tight spot.

Changes since last release (v0.40) are:

-Update of all Multibeam applications to support MB 7
-Update of all Astropulse applications to latest release

Please see this thread (,1563.0.html) for full release notes. READ THEM before you install.

Use at your own risk - 'your mileage may vary'

While we take great care to find issues while alpha and beta testing, our testing systems comprise only a limited sample of what is out there and can't account for Murphy's Law.