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Title: Donate to Seti@Home Via the GPU Users Group.
Post by: Jason G on 29 Dec 2011, 03:34:00 am
Donate to Seti@Home via the GPU Users Group.

  Some of you will have noticed that the donation box on the top left has changed to link to the GPU User's group donation catalog.  This adds flexible options for those wishing to donate to Seti@Home, especially for those wanting to contribute to a specific project need, or have been unable to donate via the direct project means.

 The GPU Users' group have been liaising with project staff very closely to provide easy alternate donation options, along with campaign specific donation capabilities, to purchase equipment directly for the project.

The different types of donations available include:
1. specific campaign.
2. donate specific hardware.
3. donate money.

PayPal and other methods are supported. Close project affiliation ensures donations over $15 earn a 'green star' as do the hardware donations.

If you've been waiting until now to get that green star, then show your support!!!

Jason G