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Title: FAQ - read only
Post by: Miep on 21 Jul 2011, 07:27:01 am
Q: I can't upload/download/report - I don't get any tasks

A: Check SETI is up at all:
Check the Server Status Page ( 
Is the Status page up to date? [As of in top left corner current]
Are the upload/download/scheduler server entries green?
Are there 'Results ready to send'?

If the answer to all above is yes:
Check the cricket graph (
blue is uploads, green is downloads. If they are flat something (server/net) is broken.

Update 22nd May 2015: Unfortunately, after the last infrastructure upgrade at Berkeley campus the cricket graph has not been reinstated and that information is currently not publicly available.
Title: Re: FAQ - read only
Post by: Richard Haselgrove on 01 Sep 2011, 10:27:24 am
Q: I clicked something in BOINC Manager, and now my tasks are in a funny order - how do I put them back to normal?

A: (Windows) You need to edit the registry.
Close BOINC Manager (you can leave the client running)
Run 'regedit', or whatever you usually use for registry hacking.
Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Space Sciences Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley\BOINC Manager\Tasks
Select Tasks in the left-hand pane - ignore the subkeys.
Select SortColumn in the right-hand pane.
Right-click and edit the value. Make it ffffffff
Close regedit (saves automatically, no save step needed), restart BM.

A: (Linux) The Manager settings are in a hidden file called ".BOINC Manager" in your home directory.
Close BOINC Manager (you can leave the client running)
Open the file for editing, using either of these naming conventions:
Code: [Select]
".BOINC Manager"
~/.BOINC\ Manager
Find a section like
Code: [Select]
(or whichever tab you want to un-sort)
Change the SortColumn to -1
Save your changes and restart BM.
Title: Re: FAQ - read only
Post by: William on 13 Apr 2012, 06:15:14 am
Q: I have tasks in my task list, that timed out with an impossibly short deadline!

A: Those tasks are VLAR and therefore won't be sent to a NVidia GPU.

The following happened:
Your host asked for work. The CPU got assigned some VLAR tasks (marked as .vlar in the task name). Due to a communication hiccup your host never received the server reply with the tasks. After a while it asks again for tasks. It also sends a complete list of what tasks it already has. The server compares this to what you got assigned. It finds those .vlar tasks you never got and - with 'resend lost results' active - wants to send them again. Only this time your host is asking for NVidia GPU tasks. As the .vlar tasks can't be send to NVidia GPU they expire instead - showing as time out with impossibly short deadline.

NB This can also happen to AP tasks, if there is no GPU app.
Title: Re: FAQ - read only
Post by: William on 25 May 2012, 06:14:06 am
Q: I've upgraded to 295.xx/296.xx drivers and now my Cuda tasks are erroring and my RAC is dropping.

A: There is a Sleeping Monitor Bug with the 295.51, 295.73 and 296.10 drivers, once a DVI or HDMI port connected Monitor goes to sleep, the Cuda device becomes unavailable,
the next time a cuda workunit starts, the Stock Cuda app will jump into CPU fallback mode and run very very slow and eventually error out, while the latest Lunatics Cuda app
will attempt to start the workunit a number of times before erroring out, the solution is to upgrade to 301.xx or later drivers, or downgrade to 290.53 or earlier drivers.

NVidia drivers can be found at