03 - Linux 64bit ATI/AMD GPU OpenCL Multibeam v7 (r2936), July 2015
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Description: Description:
OpenCL based Seti@Home Multibeam v7 application for 64bit Linux platform. Intended for ALL ATI/AMD Radeon HD or newer GPUs that support OpenCL (Radeon HD43xx or newer) by using a proprietary AMD Catalyst fglrx driver.  
Please install the fglrx driver (Cat 11.12 or newer) and/with OpenCL runtime before using this application!
Linux kernel required : 2.6.32 (e.g. CentOS6.x) or newer.

sha256  34949fda1e01c3daa3e7746a513de8594d5135e7edad6f7e14e6635674a4a088  MBv7_7.08r2936_clATI_linux64.7z
Posted by: Urs Echternacht 02 Nov 2015, 06:27:52 pm


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