05 - FreeBSD 64bit MultiBeam v7 for SSE4.2 CPUs (r2810), February 2015
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Description: Optimized Seti@Home v7 (MultiBeam) application (aka AKv8c) for 64bit FreeBSD platform. Intended for all Intel and AMD CPUs with sse4.2 or higher.  
SHA256 : e8cdd912485a94c2ab6f4ffbcd7f6838d9b1baab777000c6ceea8b1a917012cb  MBv7_7.05r2810_sse4.2_freebsd64_CPU.7z

Note : Probably not compatible with forthcoming "large" tasks!
Posted by: ToeBee 13 Feb 2015, 10:16:05 pm

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