02 - OS X 64bit SSE3 AstroPulse v7 (Beta) for ATI/AMD GPUs (r2728), October 2014
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Description: AstroPulse v7 application, build from optimized sources for OSX 10.7.4, 10.8.5 or newer (temporarily Beta build to check fix for ATI HD 4000 GPUs). Intel based Mac with SSE3 and at least one ATI/AMD GPU are needed.
SHA256 :
17475f0f23cfd12f52aadf63a0e375a37b4bb1f0cc2c5cc9877aa29d0ec1244f  APv7_r2728_clATI_OSX64.7z
Posted by: ToeBee 31 Jan 2015, 01:09:09 pm

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